About Us


You'll have to beat 'em off!

Master-Bait is a family owned and operated business, located just north of Howe, Idaho.  With more than twenty-five years experience hunting, our passion is running hounds and bear hunting. After many years of having to get on a lists for expired pastries, restaurant scraps, etc and then having to pack it all into the bait site, we got tired of the hassle and mess of bear baiting. We decided there had to be an easier way. For the last few years we have been testing the perfect combination of all natural ingredients that create the Master-Bait pellets. The convenience and ease of only having to pack in the bags of pellets has made bear hunting much more enjoyable. Over the last year we have expanded our products and now also carry Deer Pellets. 

Our mission is to help other hunters enjoy and love hunting as much as we do!