​​​~~ As a long term bear hunter and baiter, I'd like to share some of my opinions of master-bait. This stuff is fantastic. It's very clean to handle and smells great unlike what I'm use to using in the past. Also its available and affordable. No more searching all over town and coming up empty handed. I was very impressed with how well the bears enjoyed it too. Master-bait kept the bears living at my bait site. I run hounds behind bear and ill tell ya what, never did I go to turn the dogs out and not have a bear to run. Master-bait worked out great for me. ~Sincerely yours, Mike Davis Salmon, Idaho 


~~J & V Big Game Outfitters wants to thank everyone at Master Bait for all that you do. I knew that I wanted to try something different for this years (2015) spring bear hunting. I knew everyone around my hunting area used bacon grease, bread, donuts, dog food and other things to bait for bears. I know bacon grease isn’t good for the environment and I didn’t want to stand in line and fight other hunters for old bread and pastries. After conducting some research, I found Master Bait Company and called them about what I needed and what they offered. Right off the bat they made me feel like I was part of their family. They told me about all the great bait they offered and liked that I was a veteran. I ordered 3 tons of bait from them and to my surprise, they delivered the bait to me while they were coming up to northern Idaho on business.

I never had any doubt about choosing Master bait. I ordered a variety of different flavors of the bait and the scented powder that Master bait offered. Right from the start, I had bears coming into my bait sites. At first I started three bait sites and all three were hit hard within two days of putting the bait out. So I set up trail cameras at these sites to see what was coming in. I got over 1100 pictures of animals coming into the bait site and all the sites where being visited by multiple bears. A few bear where even staying at the site until all the bait was gone!

I owe my successful hunting season to Master Bait! Knowing that I didn’t have to stand in line or be worried about getting enough day old bread to keep my bait sites going was awesome! The bears love the bait. My clients had taken many bears off the same bait site and they saw bears on a regular bases. This bait works and it works well. I recommend using this bait if you want to take a bear! I had hunters stop by my base camp and asked me how come I have put so many bears down. I told them about the bait I was using and where to go get it! It is worth the time and money to use this product. It is easy to carry into your bait site and it stores well. I want to thank Master Bait for everything especially for a successful hunting season and keeping my clients happy!!!
Thank you! 

~Very Respectfully, Bill Parsons, Owner/OperatorJ & V Big Game Outfitters





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