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No more waiting lists for expired pastries, no more rotten food and meat and no more mess!  Master-Bait pellets were designed to make bear baiting

convenient, easy and successful.  With our Master-Bait pellets you can pack them in easily and wait for the bears.

Master-Bait pellets are offered in 50 lb bags or for the extreme bear hunter, we offer discounts on large orders and pellets can be purchased by the ton!

Our goal is to help you become a more successful hunter and make bear baiting convenient and fun!

Deer pellets now available. We can do custom orders. Tell us what you want and we will design a pellet to meet your needs!

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Action Trail Cams (Bears)

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~~ It's only been a day since opening fall bear and we have 4 bears coming into our bait !! BIG THANK YOU TO Sunie & Jared Allen, MASTERBAIT WILDLIFE PELLETS ARE THE BOMB AND BRING BEARS IN LEFT AND RIGHT!!!

                                                 Stephen Reichert